Match Day at Allianz Arena: stadium tour and game (experience report)

Match Day at Allianz Arena: stadium tour and game (experience report)

Whether you’re a soccer enthusiast or not, a fan of FC Bayern München or any other soccer club: the Allianz Arena in Munich, just like most major sports stadiums, is a sight you should definitely not miss.

You can choose from several different Tours through the Allianz Arena, however, the Spieltagstour (Match Day Tour) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the name suggests, the tour only takes place on days of an FC Bayern München match and can only be attended by people with a valid ticket to the game. This way, you’ll first get to see the impressive stadium when its completely empty and obtain an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes, while afterwards experiencing the intoxicating atmosphere during a game of the record-breaking German soccer champion!

The Match Day Tour

An important tip for a smooth beginning of your tour: leave any kind of luggage at home if possible. Anything bigger than a normal handbag (backpacks, shoulder bags…) will not pass the security check. Unfortunately, there are no facilities to store luggage or personal belongings right at the entrance. In any case, having to walk back to the train station to leave your luggage in one of the lockers is just annoying and time-consuming. See more tips here >>.

Now, let’s get started! You’ll be welcomed to the tour in the lobby of the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt (something close to a small FC Bayern theme park). After receiving a wristband, the stadium opens its doors for you. You’ll catch a first glimpse of the almost empty stadium from the Media Lounge and receive some interesting general facts and information. The tour continues up a stairway and into the still empty rows of the Business Club. The view is spectacular, with only a few people working around the field. We’re invited to test the acoustics in the stadium. As we’re screaming “Goooooooal”, our small group of ten effortlessly fills the whole stadium with sound – wicked!
The next stop is a more exclusive one: we’re entering the Business Club, where business ticket holders enjoy superb catering during all FCB matches. Looks nice, but we’re quite happy with a sausage-to-go…

The tour continues towards the Sponsors’ Lounge. Here we can see the spectacular lights that illuminate the outer façade of the stadium. Afterwards, we’re entering the Press Conference Room, where things get really exciting: we’re in the Mixed Zone now. This is where the players of both teams pass through after getting off the bus. The room is eerily quiet to guarantee maximum concentration. Of course, the locker rooms are off limits on the day of a match. The kit manager already prepared the shirts, shoes and everything the players need.
However, accompanied by pompous music, we’re allowed to take the tunnel leading up to the field, which is great fun. Standing on the field, the stadium looks even more gigantic than from the stands. Although it’s not holy ground we’re walking on, we’re not allowed to touch the green hybrid grass lawn. We sit down on the coach’s bench and let our eyes wander over the extensive field.

After about an hour, we’re guided back into the lobby of the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt! The tour is over, we had a great time!

The FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

This small theme park is the Mecca of every true FC Bayern fan. However, the place is worth a visit for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of soccer – after all, both topics are closely intertwined.

Trophies, anywhere you’re looking, you see trophies. Shirts, historical facts, numerous photos and, of course, short movies are on display as well. Don’t miss the FCB’s Walk of Fame, where you’ll be surrounded by life-sized cardboard versions of all players. This is the perfect moment to take a Selfie with your favorite player!
Next stop: refreshments!

Match day: FC Bayern München – SV Werder Bremen, August 26, 2016

We had the great opportunity of watching the opening match of the 54th Bundesliga season live at the Allianz Arena. The atmosphere on the way to the stadium was a first highlight. While the sunset in the stadium was extremely impressive, the national anthem sung by German musician Tim Bendzko was not very much to our taste. Unfortunately, the game was not overly exciting – the difference in playing ability between the two teams was only too visible. Thus, we listened to the fans singing (yes, the fans of Werder Bremen we’re bravely fighting their team’s defeat with music) and took in the atmosphere in the stadium. On the way back, we enjoyed the view of the stadium which was flooded in red lights. Amazing!


We would like to thank the team of b2soccer (Germany’s biggest event management agency for company soccer tournaments) for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and for inviting us to visit the Allianz Arena during the opening match of the current soccer season. A huge thanks and a special La-Ola wave exclusively for you!

Do you have soccer-enthusiasts among your staff? In this case, we recommend participating in one of the 14 thrilling tournaments organized by b2soccer. You’ll be seeing us at the big Summer b2soccer Event, in which we’ll participate with our Power Nap Arena team.

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