Enjoying Basel on a rainy day – arts, fine cuisine and wellness

Enjoying Basel on a rainy day – arts, fine cuisine and wellness

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Basel bei RegenBasel is located right at the heart of the country triangle formed by Germany, Switzerland and France – although it’s mostly sunny in this region, there are bound to be some rainy days as well. It’s particularly unfortunate to experience one of these rare rainy days while you’re on a long-awaited vacation in Basel. After all, nobody likes to explore a new city in the pouring rain. However, we have good news for you: we know how to go on a trip through the Rhine metropolis without getting wet and spend a great day in Basel despite the bad weather. You’ll see – there are ways to have an awesome time in Basel even when the sun is not shining!

Visit the Vitra Design Museum right after breakfast

We begin our day with proper style by enjoying the rich caratbreakfast buffet at carathotel Basel / Weil am Rhein. Afterwards, we’re off to the Vitra Design Museum – one of Europe’s most important art and design museums. Although the museum’s outer façade is a real eye-catcher, we escape the rain and enter the building right away. Here, we find inspiration in the unusual designs, shapes and colors.
Basel bei Regen: Vitra Design MuseumEven though we could easily spend the whole day at the museum, we’re being drawn towards Basel city around lunchtime. We enter one of the many cafés in the district of Kleinbasel, for instance the “da Francesca”, where we treat ourselves to a cup of coffee, a piece of homemade cake and the tasty lunch menu.

Art, shopping or wellness in the afternoon

Basel bei Regen: Museum TinguelyWith renewed strength, we embark on our second art adventure today. All Basel tourists with a passion for art should definitely visit Tinguely Museum or Kunsthalle Basel. Although they are very different from each other, both museums display unique exhibitions. The themes and artists exhibited at Kunsthalle Basel change constantly, while Tinguely Museum, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on the artworks of Jean Tinguely. His work conveys a very unique understanding of the arts and instead of the usually quite museum environment, a more turbulent atmosphere seeps through Tinguely Museum.

However, not everyone is particularly fond of the arts, which is why we’d like to introduce you to some alternative programs for a great afternoon. One option, which is mainly interesting for the ladies on a rainy day, is an extensive shopping spree through the Stücki-Shoppingcenter. Before going shopping, however, make sure to visit Basel’s Indoor Market. Here you’ll find a broad and truly unique selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, regional and international delicacies or flowers – while being protected from the rain at the same time. Even though you might not want to buy something, it’s great fun to just stroll around the many stalls and admire the products showcased here.

If you’re looking for less action on a grey and rainy afternoon, why not treat yourself to a wellness day? Visit the „Sauna am Rhy“, a huge sauna world located directly at the banks of the Rhine, or the Aquabasilea, a leisure and water park, where you can spend a relaxing afternoon alone, as a couple or as a whole family or take part in the many sports activities offered here – whichever you prefer.

End your day in style with typical Swiss specialties

Basel bei Regen: Fondue, Schweizer SpezialitätenWhether you spent your day relaxing at the water park, admiring artworks or on a shopping spree – all this activity has certainly left you with an empty stomach. How convenient that we’re spending the day in Switzerland, a true gourmet paradise. The country not only produces the world’s finest chocolate but also extraordinary cheese, which is mostly consumed in form of fondue or raclette in Switzerland.

Thus, we recommend paying a visit to one of Basel’s most traditional restaurants, where you can enjoy these specialties 365 days of the year. The food served at the restaurant at Basel Kunsthalle is very tasty. “Elsbethenstübli” or “Walliserkanne” are famous for serving savory Swiss cuisine as well.
If you want to make dinner an unforgettable experience, book a table at Blinde Kuh Basel, where your food will be served in total darkness. Thus, you have to rely entirely on your remaining senses and try to guess what you’re eating – which is more difficult than one might think.

Did you enjoy our proposals for excursions on a rainy day in Basel? Do you have any further recommendations or hot insider tips for our readers? We’re looking forward to your ideas and experiences. Just leave us a comment in the box below!

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf German verfügbar.

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