Munich is beautiful – even in the rain!

Munich is beautiful – even in the rain!

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Everyone has experienced a situation like that: after having planned a long-awaited city trip over an extended weekend and having filled the days with an elaborate sightseeing program in your mind, it starts to rain the moment you arrive. While most of us are willing to ignore a few drops of rain, our desire to leave the house will most likely be killed off if the rain is pouring down. In this situation, you quickly need to come up with an alternative program – preferably one that keeps you inside as much as possible. Therefore, we’ll show you ways to explore Munich without getting wet and have a beautiful and exciting day despite the rain!

A short city tour by tram 19

The best way to begin a cloudy and rainy day is to enjoy the rich and delicious caratbreakfast buffet at the hotel. Fully strengthened and with a strong cup of coffee circulating through our system, we brace ourselves and step outside. Don’t worry – you won’t have to spend much time in the open! Taking Tram 19 is the best – and cheapest – way to explore Munich’s most popular sights without getting wet. You’ll only need a regular ticket for Munich city center. Because it’s no fun walking even short distances in the rain, we simply buy a day ticket enabling us to take the tram, subway and suburban train whenever we like. The trip by tram starts at Munich central station. The best way to get here from carathotel München and hotelmüller München is by taking the subway. We quickly walk a few steps through the rain to “Sendlinger Tor” subway station and travel two stops until central station. Here we change to Tram 19 and manage to secure a seat by the window – after all, we want to see as many sights as possible!

The tram slowly winds its way through the streets, passing the impressive Palace of Justice building until reaching “Karlsplatz” square, also known as “Stachus”. The monumental archway marks the gate to the pedestrian zone and “Kaufingerstraße” shopping street. The tram slowly progresses via “Lenbachplatz” towards “Maximilianstraße”, where you’ll find the National Theatre, the “Kammerspiele” theatre and Munich Residence castle as well as luxury and designer boutiques. From here, we continue towards the stunning “Maxmonument”.

We cross the river Isar and Prater Island via “Maximiliansbrücke” bridge and arrive at the “Maximilianeum”, the building housing the Bavarian state parliament. Afterwards, the tram leads across “Max-Weber-Platz” square and enters the popular neighborhood of “Haidhausen”, which features some cozy cafés and a great atmosphere. Of course, you’re free to exit the tram at every stop to take a closer look at the area. The next tram will always arrive 10 minutes later. We recommend exiting at Max-Weber-Platz square and return to the city center by tram 16.

Exploring technology and science at the German Museum

If the weather continues to be bad, we recommend exiting two stops later at Munich’s Museum Island, which houses the German Museum. For all those wanting to make the best of a rainy day in Munich, visiting the world’s biggest technology and science museum is simply a must! You could easily spend several days here. However, as we’d like to see some more of Munich, we decide to visit only one of the many permanent or temporary exhibitions. The Planetarium reopened only recently following a two-year restoration process. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you’ll find out everything there is to know about our planets and galaxies. Don’t’ worry if there’s no particular show at the time of your visit – you’ll certainly find another interesting topic among the many exhibitions.

Bathing like the gods

The time has come for a snack to go. If you’re not ready to leave the museum yet, you can renew your strength at the restaurant or in one of the many cafés belonging to the German Museum and continue seeing the exhibitions afterwards. However, if you prefer engaging in some physical activity, you can walk to Müller’sches Volksbad, an indoor pool near the museum. We treat ourselves to a piece of homemade cake at the in-house café and dive right into one of the pools at Müller’sches Volksbad, which has an unbelievable flair that is rarely seen in an indoor pool. Swimming in one of the pools of this beautifully preserved art nouveau jewel will make you feel as if you’ve travelled 100 years back in time. Its beauty will never cease to amaze you. The highlight of the bathing experience is the Roman-Irish steam bath, in which the body is warmed up slowly in rooms heated to different temperatures. Especially on a rainy day, Müller’sches Volksbad is the perfect spot for engaging in some physical activity while at the same time enjoying pure relaxation and culture.

Bavarian culture to end your day

You’ll definitely feel hungry after having taken a swim. Thus, we quickly walk back to the hotel and change into evening attire. Unfortunately, visiting one of the city’s many beer gardens while it’s raining is out of the question – thus, we choose to have dinner at a typical Bavarian brewery.
For those desperate to see it, the famous “Hofbräuhaus” is a great choice. However, the “Fraunhofer” brewery in “Fraunhofer Straße” or the “Weiße Bräuhaus“ near Marienplatz offer a more authentic atmosphere. At the end of this exciting day, we treat ourselves to a glass of wheat beer and traditional Bavarian cuisine. Don’t worry – loud conversations and music, exuberant guests and the sometimes rather gruff attitude of the waiters are perfectly normal for a german brewery. If the restaurant is full, you can simply sit down and join the people on a table that’s already taken – people in Munich won’t mind at all.

After dinner, we bring this rainy yet exciting and interesting day to a close by watching a play at the theatre. The programs of Munich’s three largest theatres (“Residenztheater”, “Kammerspiele” and “Volkstheater”) normally offer something to every taste. If you prefer watching movies, however, Munich has some special treats in store for you. Apart from large movie theatres, the city is home to a big variety of smaller, more atmospheric cinemas with rather unique and alternative programs. Check out more information on Munich Blog.

How did you like our rainy day in Munich? We think, a little rain shouldn’t stop you from having a great city trip at all!

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf German verfügbar.

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