10 reasons for a city trip to Munich

10 reasons for a city trip to Munich

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Munich is certainly one of the top destinations for tourists from Germany and travelers from all over the world in particular. But why is that so? To answer this question, we’ve assembled the 10 best reasons which, at least in our opinion, make a trip to Munich worthwhile!

1. Munich is Germany’s secret capital

München 10 Gründe: Weltstadt Gasteig PhilharmonieRegardless of where you are in the world– whenever you’re telling people that you’re from Germany, they often come up with four keywords: Munich, beer, Oktoberfest and FC Bayern München. Although people from Bavaria like to see themselves as separate from the rest of Germans, emphasizing that they are Bavarians after all, Munich inspires a very clear image of Germany in people from all over the world. However, if you tell people that although you live in Germany, you’ve never been to Oktoberfest, they’ll most likely look at you in bewilderment. After all, the person you’re talking to has either been to the Oktoberfest himself or probably knows at least five people in his family or circle of friends that have traveled half the globe to see this spectacular event. To avoid people’s astonishment and not be considered a weirdo by foreigners, you should definitely take a trip to see Munich sometime. But of course, that’s not the only reason….

2. Culinary delights as far as the eye can see…

München 10 Gründe: Essen Trinken Bier… because Munich has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights as well. Bavarian beer is known worldwide for its excellent taste, superior quality and, of course, for the huge tankards it’s served in. Munich’s biggest breweries including “Augustiner”, “Hacker Pschorr”, “Hofbräu”, “Löwenbräu”, “Paulaner” and “Spaten” are the main suppliers of “liquid gold” to Oktoberfest, the many beer gardens and most bars in town. A glass of beer is typically accompanied by a small snack such as pretzels or a full meal featuring classic roast pork with dumplings, knuckle of pork, half a chicken or sometimes even roast duck. Pretzels are often enjoyed with a traditional Bavarian veal sausage (“Weißwurst”), a serving of “Obatzda” (a soft cheese dip) and a glass of wheat beer. For desert, most restaurants serve Bavarian cream. You won’t have to go hungry in Munich! If you feel adventurous when it comes to food, you can try specialties made of innards (“Kronfleischküche”) such as veal skirt steak, kidneys, lung casserole or even grilled bull testicles in some traditional restaurants. Although these dishes are not everybody’s cup of tea, they have a surprisingly large fan base.

3. The laid-back metropolis

10 Gründe MünchenMunich is Germany’s third-biggest city. Although this metropolis is home to more than a million people, it’s surprisingly calm and laid-back. This is not only due to the many green areas, parks and street cafés, but also because of its open and friendly people as well as the huge number of beer gardens, which are typical for the city and contribute greatly to the relaxed atmosphere. Simply sit down outside on one of the long benches covered by trees and enjoy life to the fullest. All people are equal at the beer garden: bankers frequently sit at the same table with construction workers. You’ll see them toasting each other, enjoying their home-made lunches or a savory Bavarian meal to accompany their beer. That’s just lifestyle made in Munich.

4. Fascinating cultural treasures and exciting entertainment

From National Theatre to Munich Residence, “Villa Stuck” and “Müller’sches Volksbad” – Munich has a rich history and an exciting modern-day life, both of which are omnipresent in all parts of the city. Thus, it makes Munich the perfect destination for people interested in culture, architecture or the arts. Great entertainment is provided by the Opera House, the Symphonic Orchestra and the plays presented at the National and Residence Theatres, which include classical drama pieces as well as modern and experimental productions.

5. The English Garden – the biggest park in Europe

10 Gründe München: Englischer Garten, Chinesischer TurmEurope’s biggest urban park is located right in the center of Munich. The English Garden is the city’s “green lung” and a place to relax, unwind and meet people. What distinguishes the English Garden from other parks and thus makes it a special place are the traditional Bavarian beer gardens found here. Whether you’re visiting the most famous beer garden at the Chinese Tower, the beautiful Lake House or other somewhat smaller restaurants – they all serve great beer and tasty cuisine. If you prefer something more simple, just sit down on the lawn for a picnic and watch children playing around, other families relaxing or teenagers doing sports.

6. The world’s biggest fair

München 10 Gründe: Oktoberfest VolksfestWe’ve already mentioned it at the beginning: Munich is renowned all over the world for its Oktoberfest – or “Wiesn”, as people from Munich call it. Oktoberfest is a very special fair as it unites tradition and modern open-mindedness, bringing together young visitors from all over the world with long-standing citizens of Munich. It combines an exuberant party with ancient regional customs. Everyone should experience Oktoberfest at least once in a lifetime – thus, you simply must come to Munich. If the big party is too much for your first visit to Munich, you can simply attend the Spring Festival in April, which is basically the “little sister” of Oktoberfest. Be sure to wear proper clothing such as Dirndl dresses for women and leather pants for men!

7. Sightseeing in the Old Town

Naturally, Munich’s Old Town is the best place for all recently-arrived tourists to start discovering the city. You’ll be enchanted by it right away. Munich’s Old Town features popular sights such as “Marienplatz” square at the center, the new town hall with its famous “Glockenspiel”, the “Stachus” square with its prominent “Karlstor” archway, the “Frauenkirche” church and of course the “Hofbräuhaus” brewery, which is an essential landmark of the city. Here you’ll find a seemingly endless range of impressive buildings from different periods of time. The best view of the city can be attained by climbing the 306 steps leading up to the observation platform of the “Alter Peter” tower at St. Peter’s Church. On top of that, the Old Town is the perfect place to go shopping. Whether you’re looking for affordable clothing or expensive designer wear – the Old Town offers everything the male or female heart desires…

8. Flourishing art and design scene

10 Gründe MünchenWith “Lenbachhaus” and the many pinacothecas, Munich is home to some of Europe’s most important art museums. It’s easy to spend hours on a rainy day looking at the world-class exhibitions featured at the museums and draw inspiration from the artworks on display. On top of that, the art and design scene in Munich is developing quickly and has been gaining notoriety lately. Continue reading our tips on Art and Design in Munich.

9. People in Munich

People in Bavaria are often described with the local term “Grantler”. In standard German, the word refers to a person that is always grumpy and in a bad mood. However, upon visiting Munich and meeting its people, you’ll soon discover that this grumpiness is only superficial. Below that outward layer of grouchiness, people are very cordial, sincere and open-minded. If you want to penetrate this first layer more quickly, it might help to flatter the apparent “Grantler” by praising his beautiful city – because, after all, people in Munich think theirs is the most beautiful city in the world.

10. Panoramic view of the Alps on “Föhn” days

München 10 Gründe: Panorama SkylinePeople often say that one of Munich’s best features is the fact that the mountains can be reached very quickly. Well, one could argue whether that’s truly the best aspect of this fascinating city. However, due to its proximity to the Alps, the view of the mountains above the rooftops of Munich is particularly beautiful on days when the warm “Föhn” wind is blowing. In fact, it’s a panoramic view you should definitely not miss.


These are just some of the many reasons making Munich one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a trip to this metropolis an unforgettable experience. We could continue adding reasons to this list – but we’d rather pass on this task to you! What do you like most about Munich and which are your main reasons for coming to the charming Bavarian capital?

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf German verfügbar.

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