The greatest souvenirs to take home from Düsseldorf

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Imagine you’re on vacation in Düsseldorf! You’ve already been to the banks of the Rhine and “Medienhafen”, went shopping on “KÖ” and had a glass of dark beer in the Old Town – the only thing left is to buy souvenirs for your loved ones at home. For all those that didn’t stumble upon a suitable and typical souvenir by chance, the search for a gift to take home can be rather tedious. Most of us delay souvenir shopping until we’re about to leave – after all, it’s extremely difficult to find something nice that doesn’t vanish in the most remote corner of some bookshelf only to serve as a dust trap for eternity.

RadschlägerHowever, we can help you choose original, regional and – most importantly – suitable presents for your loved ones at home. Thus, we’ve assembled a list of souvenirs you simply must take home and the places to buy them – this way, hunting for souvenirs will add the perfect finish to your trip and leave your friends and family at home utterly delighted.

Düsseldorf offers a wide range of souvenirs for gourmets in particular. At “El Martin“, for instance, you can purchase tasty, handmade chocolate wrapped in paper with illustrations of Düsseldorf city by local artist Jacques Tilly. They are the perfect present for art lovers with a sweet tooth, children and basically anyone enjoying a piece of delicious chocolate. “Zuckerbäcker Maushagen“ sells chocolate reproductions of famous landmarks in Düsseldorf. Among the bestsellers is the “Tonhalle” concert venue made of chocolate and marzipan.

uerigeThe “Uerige Brauerei” is one of the few breweries that still remain independent of major beverage corporations. The “Uerige” beer manufactured here is a typical dark beer variety from Düsseldorf and is perfectly suited as a souvenir for beer enthusiasts at home. “Uerige” derives from the local Low German dialect and refers to someone who’s “in a bad mood” – thus it’s comparable to the Bavarian word “granteln.” However, this brewery in Düsseldorf’s Old Town does not only produce dark beer – another specialty is “Baas”, the first whisky made in Düsseldorf, which is only available in very limited editions. Both beer and whisky can be tasted and purchased at the Uerige flagship store in “Berger Str. 1.” If your folks prefer strong stuff with a sweet flavor, a bottle of “Killepitsch“ might be the perfect souvenir. The herb liquor is a true specialty from Düsseldorf and is made of 98 different herbs, berries and fruit. You can either buy Killepitsch directly at the “Peter Busch Liquor Factory” on “Holzstraße” or at other places such as “Et Kabüffke”, “Haus zum Helm” or “Carsch-Haus.”

Another traditional yet practical and edible souvenir from Düsseldorf is mustard. “Why on earth should I take home mustard?,” you may wonder. After all, mustard can be bought in any supermarket. However, the “Löwensenf” brand has been produced for almost 100 years in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, making it a true local specialty. The famous “ABB Mostert” has been produced in Düsseldorf since as early as 1726 and contained grape must back then. These two and many more mustard specialties from Düsseldorf can be purchased at “Senfladen“ located in the Old Town, which will also teach you everything there is to know about mustard.

Last but not least, there are of course the traditional souvenir shops, for example the ones at the
Tourist Info at Düsseldorf central station or on “Marktstraße“ in Düsseldorf’s Old Town. The famous “Radschläger”, or cartwheeler, motifs have been a long-standing tradition in the Rhine metropolis and can be found on many landmarks throughout the city. It’s only logical that this cheerful fella adorns a large number of souvenirs such as cookie cutters, fruit gums, mobile phone cases, breakfast trays or umbrellas. The selection of cartwheeler souvenirs is endless, as is the range of other products that serve as a keepsake of your trip to Düsseldorf.


You’ll see: by following these tips and by visiting the abovementioned souvenir places, your hunt for presents in Düsseldorf will be successful in no time at all. Do you know other great souvenirs from Düsseldorf? We’re looking forward to reading your ideas and tips. You’ll receive further inspiration on travel souvenirs from all over the world on the Arts and Travel Blog under the hashtag #Reisesouvenir.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf German verfügbar.

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